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God bless Steve Gough, the naked Rambler !

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Sheriff McFarlane then asked him
"You appear before this court naked.
Do you have any intention
of appearing dressed in this court ?"
to which Gough replied, "No."

Je ressorts ce poème de [url= ]Murray Lachlan Young
pour transmettre nos meilleurs voeux 2012 à notre ami
qui attaque sa neuvième année de séjours en prison.



God bless the naked Rambler
God bless his naked plan
God bless that solo nudist
And his brave bare-bottomed stand

Lands end to Newbury, Offas Dyke
Buxton Pennines on to Hawick
Across the Firth of Forth he strode
To John O"Groats the final road

Shaggy beard, safari hat
Sturdy boots and heavy pack
His mission plain: to drive away
This island"s sense of naked shame

But quickly it became quite clear
Some did not like his naked rear
They did not think it good enough
A rambler rambling in the buff

And shouted from behind the door
A naked man, call in the law!
Imagine if a child should see
This shocking lack of dignity

And then be scarred and turn to drugs
And end up on an Afghan rug
Cavorting naked in a pile
And then become a paedophile!

The judge declared, "This can"t go on
The man must put some Y-fronts on
And if he won"t then he must pay
Take him down for twenty days"

In Portfield prison, Inverness
They could not make Rambler dress
So threw him into solitary
But could not take his dignity

Five months in jail he was waylaid
Diverted from his nude crusade
When they finally set him free
He strode away in naked glee

Continuing his rustic route
Clad only in his birthday suit
To John O"Groats he made his way
One windy January day

And there he stood at journey"s end
Himself he tried not to defend
"I may have caused some small alarm
But not committed any harm
My body it is part of me
There is no shame just dignity"

God bless you naked rambler
God bless your hairy arse
And god bless the foolish tools of law
That tried to block your path..

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Jacques tu es formidable, je connaissais pas ta sensibilité à la poésie. Quelle pudeur, cet impudique que tu es !


Ceci dit, Steve G. vit son martyrat à la cause. On communique pas assez là-dessus.

C'est inhumain ce que vit ce type; comment the Englises trouvent pas des solutions palliatives à la prison !


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